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Claim of Lien Form (PDF)
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Keys to Successful Notices

Remember – filing a notice is very important.

It informs the owner that you are expecting payment for work or materials incorporated into the owner's property.

Use our notice to owner request forms.

The forms can be downloaded from our forms download page.

Fill out request forms carefully.

Type or print clearly. Incorrect information will delay research.

Include all pertinent information when available.

i.e. – name and telephone numbers of general contractor, subcontractors, permit numbers, Notice of Commencement or any other pertinent information you may have available.

Record your first day on the job.

In order to ensure your notice is timely served, it is important to include your first day on the job on the request form.

Get your notice to owner requests to us early.

This enables you to comply with strict time limits and avoid rush fees.

Procrastination in serving the notice to owner may result in the forfeiture of the right to a construction lien.

Fax, email or mail notice to owner request forms to our office.

Our fax number is 407-834-1473. The mailing address is 2917 W S.R. 434, Suite 101, Longwood, FL 32779. Our email address is

Review your copy of the NTO immediately.

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